Special Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services for Expats, in Thailand

When the 'Land of Smiles' isn't enough and you need someone who has 'been there' and came thru, then all aspects of 'settling in' after sever domestic and international "Re-locations".  Hence, the offer of support for you and yours thru our "Complete relocation service":

  • Visa-advice and assistance through the application process.
  • On the Ground Representation Housing 'Specification (Constructive-Critique e.g. Location, Security, Schools, Hospitals, Drs (Expat?) Shopping, Child-care, Domestic support, Transport (Driving him, 'looong, looong-time'), Parking, Expat groups, Golf, Search (Photos - all around), any assistance you can think off and that's' not listed here?
  • School search (Detailed needs, safety, levels, International etc., Introductions).
  • Settling in and acclimatisation programs.
  • Expatriate networking.
  • Cultural-awareness programs.
  • Spiritual needs. Q&A, Church introduction.
  • Couple counselling for successful transitioning-together!
Cultural and EAP Support

Cross-Culture Counselling for you individually (Work) Socially, as a Couple, Children: School, Friends, Socially for you and your family to fully-transition securely and comfortably into your new home, workplace and country.

Successful work strategies for you to confidently approach and successfully work with your new organisation and fit-in with their diverse and cultural nuances confidently and competently.

We offer cross-cultural awareness training for professionals and individuals designed to ease their transition and adaptation to the new country of work.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) that are qualified, experiential-cross-culturally and proven successful for both employer and you so that you can quickly get the Assistance you need, either then and there on the phone, by Skype or face-2-face.

Cross Cultural Counselling has been proven to be essential and highly successful.  Your Counsellor is experienced, highly-competent  and has a wealth and depth of experience, with both professional and cultural experience.

Your seamless transition will not be without challenges.  Experience shows that the sooner these challenges are supported by expert-counslelling the 'happier' and more successful the transition to All parties, including spouse and family.

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